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Locked Nucleic Acid (LNA) Technology
his animation describes Exiqon's LNA™ technology, and why it is superior to DNA in the study of microRNAs, which are challenging for many reasons. Their short length and the high sequence similarity between closely related microRNAs makes it hard to detect them with sufficient specificity and sensitivity.
microRNA discovery biomarker development
New biomarkers in biofluids See our new presentation and learn about:
  • The potential of microRNA as biomarkers
  • Challenges and solutions for profiling microRNAs in biofluids
  • Our recent progress in discovery and validation of microRNA biomarkers for prostate and colorectal cancer
miRQC: The largest microRNA benchmarking study to date
This video is an in-depth presentation of the miRQC study published by Mestdagh et al. in Nature Methods 2014.
This study is the largest independent comparative study of commercially available microRNA expression platforms to date.
See the presentation and find out which microRNA platform is best for you.
Inhibition of microRNA function - challenges and opportunities
This webinar presents:
  • The challenges of microRNA inhibition and how to overcome them
  • The essentials of a successful microRNA inhibition experiment
  • The opportunities for analyzing microRNA function in vivo.
Featured speaker:
Dr. Niels M Frandsen, Exiqon Vedbaek, Denmark