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 제목 : [공지] Webinar(3/30) Discover Next-Gen Tools to Clone, Express and Purify Proteins!
작성일 : 2017.03.15
 작성자 : 다카라코리아


[Webinar 안내]

Discover Next-Gen Tools to Clone, Express and Purify Proteins!


Takara Bio Europe에서 개최하는 온라인세미나(Webinar)를 안내합니다.

더욱 빠르고 정확하고 효율적인 클로닝과 단백질 발현, 정제를 위한 차세대 제품에 대해 소개드릴 예정입니다. 많은 관심과 참석 부탁드립니다.


* 제목: Discover Next-Gen Tools to Clone, Express and Purify Proteins!

* 일시: 2017 3 30, 오후 5 30~

* 등록: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1932814278819620099



Discover Next-Gen Tools to Clone, Express and Purify Proteins!

The use of traditional cloning (ligation based), protein expression, and protein purification (resin based) technologies can be time consuming and expensive, depending upon the nature of the protein being studied, since each target protein is unique. Join our LIVE webinar from Dr Malathi Raman to discover Takara’s innovative Next-Gen cloning, protein expression and purification tools to overcome the challenges that accompany each protein expression and purification project:


• Speed up construct generation using In-Fusion HD Cloning Plus – an innovative Next-Gen cloning system that allows rapid (15 mins), accurate (over 95% cloning efficiency), seamless (no extra bases) and sequence independent cloning of ANY insert into ANY vector at ANY locus.

• In-Fusion HD represents one cloning system that can be utilized in many different applications such as multiple fragment cloning for operon construction, site-directed mutagenesis (deletions, insertions, and substitutions), HTP cloning, and cloning into large vectors such as cosmids.

• Express target proteins from a diverse range of Protein Expression Systems including the easy to handle pET Express and Purify kits, the high yield secretory Brevibacillus and B.subtilis systems, the low temperature Cold Shock expression system (pCold vectors), and the unique Single Protein Production System for difficult proteins.

• Achieve fast (5-15 mins) and easy purification of high quality and concentrated His-tagged proteins or native untagged antibodies using our Next-Gen Capturem™ technology which utilizes revolutionary high-capacity Ni2+ or Protein A membranes that allow exceptional, consistent performance even in the presence of additives (e.g., βME, EDTA, DTT, glycerol, TCEP and many others).


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