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NuGEN의 SPET 기술을 이용한 Target Enrichment system

Target Enrichment system


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The Ovation Target Enrichment System provides customized target enrichment using NuGEN's proprietary Single Primer Enrichment Technology (Figure 1) and is a complete solution for generation of enriched, multiplexed libraries from low-input amounts of genomic DNA. The convenient workflow provides a choice of either an 8 hour or 1 day protocol. Each approach produces indexed libraries ready to sequence. Resulting sequencing data demonstrates high on-target rates, even coverage and very low dropout rates (Table 1). The technology is suitable for target sizes of a few kb to ~10Mb from any sequenced genome source. Following a no-cost interactive panel design process, the custom designed enrichment library kits will be delivered in approximately 3 weeks of target sequence selection.

Figure 1 Single Primer Enrichment Technology (SPET) in the Ovation Target Enrichment System

Table 1: Sequence metrics from example target enrichment panels

ABRF Test Panel includes a 2Mb contiguous stretch of chromosome 11 containing repeat elements to which reads cannot be uniquely mapped, affecting both % aligned reads and % uniformity. (Journal of Biomolecular Techniques 24:73-86 2013 ABRF).
Product information
Custom target enrichment panels for regions of interest can be created from a broad range of samples using as little as 10 ng DNA. Kits are available in 32 or 96 reaction size containing 32 or 96 unique barcoded adaptors to further optimize efficiencies and cost savings for targeted resequencing.

The Ovation Cancer Panel Target Enrichment System and Ovation Cancer Panel FFPE Target Enrichment System are pre-defined cancer panels for fresh tissue DNA and FFPE DNA respectively and target 344 cancer-related genes published in Nature Biotechnology 29, pp. 1024-1027 (2011). The Ovation Human Mitochondrion Target Enrichment System is a pre-defined panel covering the entire mitochondrial genome.

The Ovation Fusion Panel Target Enrichment Systems include all exons of 500 genes identified by Catalog of Somatic Mutations in Cancer (COSMIC) as being involved in fusions and are available as pre-defined panels for total RNA input used in conjunction with the Ovation cDNA Module for Target Enrichment.
[Ovation Target Enrichment Core Library Reagent]
  • End Repair Buffer Mix
  • End Repair Enzyme Mix
  • End Repair Enhancer
  • End Repair FFPE Enhancer
  • Ligation Buffer Mix
  • Ligation Enzyme Mix
  • DNA Resuspension Buffer Mix
  • Target Extension Buffer Mix
  • Target Extension Enzyme Mix
  • Amplification Buffer Mix
  • Amplification Primer Mix
  • Amplification Enzyme Mix
  • Amplification Enhancer Mix
  • Nuclease Free Water
  • RNAClean XP Beads
  • Ligation Adaptor Mix(8 rxns) 
    Target Enrichment 32-Plex Adaptor Plate(32 rxns),
    Target Enrichment 96-Plex Adaptor Plate(96 rxns)
  • Ovation Target Enrichment Probe

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