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MAP-C Workstation


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MAP-C2 Workstation
The MAP-C2 is a compact and versatile high throughput liquid handling workstation designed for fully automated assay processing
in 96- and 384- well plates.
MAP-C2 delivers constant and reliable performance for a wide range of applications, from common to unique, and from well known to obscure such as following:
  • ELISA processing
  • Agar dispensing
  • Enzymatic assays processing
  • Plate coating for small-scale production
  • Multiplex assays processing
  • Binding assay processing
  • And many more….

Titertek's proprietary syringe drive is the foundation of the MAP-C2's high performance. It facilitates accurate and precise dispensing for a wide volume range. The remarkably robust syringe drive design allows easy and effortless viscosity independent dispensing. MAP-C2 will dispense extremely viscous solutions such as agar and PCR grade oil as easy as an aqueous solution.

The MAP-C2 base unit comes pre- equipped with two syringe drives. Three additional ausiliary Dispense Modules can be connected to the base unit for a total of 8 syringe drives.
Each syringe drive supports wash and dispense functions. Every syringe drive can handle high precision dispense in the microliter range and high volume bulk dispensing, depending on syringe package selected. The syringes are interchangeable without calibration.

To further increase assay processing flexibility, the MAP-C2 can accommodate 96-channel washing or 8-channel column washing hardware. The 96-channel wash head provides a simultaneous wash of all 96 wells of 96-well plates or quadrant wash of 384-well plates. The optional Multiple Inlet Reagent Station allows an addition of up to 8 different reagents or wash buffers using the same liquid path.

  • Processes thin, regular and deep well pates (96 and 384-well)
  • PC controlled exact timing of each processing step
  • 4-, 8- and 16-channel dispensing
  • 1 μl to 300 μl dispense range
  • 96-well and 8-channel column wash options
  • Superwash capability (continuous high volume wash)
  • On deck lateral shaking
  • Inert liquid path
  • Optional integration of microplate readers and other microplate devices

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Liquid Handling Workstations
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