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microRNA Real Time PCR을 위한 시약이 한번에

miRCURY LNA Universal RT microRNA PCR Starter Kit


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"본 제품은 miRCURY LNA Universal RT microRNA PCR Starter Kit (code 203350)의 대체품(버전 업그레이드)입니다."
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* 첫 구매고객, 1회 한정 적용제품으로 구매를 원하시면 주문서를 작성 후, 다카라코리아로 제출해주세요.
제품 설명
miRCURY LNA Universal microRNA PCR Starter Kit은 microRNA Real Time PCR을 진행하는 데 필요한 모든 시약이 포함되어 있다 (cDNA 합성 20회, Real Time PCR반응 100회 가능). 본 제품은 cDNA synthesis kit와 SYBR Green 뿐만 아니라 spike-in control (UniSp6), candidate endogenous control primer set (miR-103a-3p), 또한 두 개의 target primer sets가 포함되어있다. (두 개의 target primer sets는 아래의 "Appendix"에서 선택 가능하다)
  • Cost effective introduction to the most sensitive microRNA qPCR system available
  • Contain everything you need to perform small scale experiments
  • Include Control: RNA spike-in template and Control Primer set for monitoring performance
  • Fast and very easy protocol
  • Experience the superior performance in your own hands

cDNA Enzyme, 10 x concentrated

20 rxn

cDNA buffer, 5 x concentrated

128 μL

UniSp6 spike-in RNA, lyophilized

12 fmol

UniSp6 control primer set, lyophilized

200 rxn

hsa-miR-103a-3p (also works for mmu+rno) , lyophilized

200 rxn

2 primers free of choice from on stock list ("Appendix" 참고)

2x200 rxn

ExiLENT SYBR® Green master mix, 2 x concentrated

500 μL

RNase free water

1.25 mL

* Appendix <List of target primer sets>
Target primer sets 목록 확인하기
See more details about the miRCURY LNA™ microRNA PCR System

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qPCR for miRNA_Exiqon
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