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Single Cell Library Preparation for Illumina® NGS Platforms

PicoPLEX® DNA-Seq Kit


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PicoPLEX® DNA-Seq Kit
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48 회
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  • Reduce ambiguity: highly reproducible CNV and aneuploidy detection
  • Reduce workflow: from a single cell to a sequencing-ready library in three steps
  • Reduce cost: a single kit contains everything needed to prepare a sequencing-ready library
  • Reduce contamination and error: library prep in a single tube or well, no transfers necessary
  • Reduce time to results: Illumina NGS libraries prepared in less than 3 hours
기존의 PicoPLEX® technology는 single cell을 이용하여 array 분석시 copy number variation(CNV)을 검출하기 위하여 적용되어 왔으며 (PicoPLEX® WGA Kit), 현재 PicoPLEX® DNA-Seq Kit을 이용하면 single tube reaction으로 Illumina NGS platform에 적용할 수 있는 library를 만들 수 있다.
PicoPLEX® technology를 바탕으로 하는 PicoPLEX® WGA Kit(Code RB3050)는 전세계적으로 in vitro fertilization(IVF, 체외수정)시 pre-implantation genetic screening과 diagnosis를 위하여 사용되고 있다.
PicoPLEX® WGA Kit과 동일한 기술을 사용하는 PicoPLEX® DNA-Seq Kit은 single tube reaction(에러 및 오염 최소화, 반응시간 감소, 비용 감소)을 통해 NGS library preparation 과정을 최대한 간소화시켰다.
PicoPLEX® DNA-Seq Kit은 48회 반응분이며, 48개의 single cell 혹은 추출한 DNA(6 pg to 60 pg)를 NGS library로 제작할 수 있는 모든 시약이 포함되어 있다(dual barcode포함). Barcoding oligonucleotide는 microwell plate에 분주된 형태로 제공된다.
Store at -20 °C.
Guarantee for 12 months at -20°C in a constant temperature freezer.
내용 : 48 회분

Component Name

Cap Color

Cell Extraction Buffer


Extraction Enzyme Dilution Buffer


Cell Extraction Enzyme


Pre-Amp Buffer


Pre-Amp Enzyme


Amplification Buffer


Amplification Enzyme


Nuclease-Free Water


Dual Index Plate


[그림1] PicoPLEX® DNA-Seq Kit 기술의 원리
PicoPLEX DNA-seq Kit uses the same technology as the WGA kit: cells are lysed, quasi-random primers pre-amplify the DNA selectively, and a final PCR amplification adds the Illumina barcodes.

[그림2] PicoPLEX® DNA-seq Kit Single-Tube Workflow

[그림3] PicoPLEX® DNA-seq Kit Library Preparation Workflow for Illumina NGS Platforms
PicoPLEX® DNA-seq Kit Dual index plate map 보기

[그림 4] Individual Library Quantification Eliminated
Flow-sorted unsynchronized H929 cells were amplified, pooled with constant volume, and loaded onto a MiSeq v3 flow cell. Quantification of the libraries was unnecessary before pooling due to the highly reproducible amount of product produced by PicoPLEX® DNA-Seq reactions. The columns which provided no reads were wells in which the cell was absent.

[그림 5] Highly Reproducible CNV Detection Over the Entire Genome
Amplified libraries from 11 individual flow-sorted H929 cells were sequenced on an Illumina MiSeq® and downsampled to 250,000 total reads. Thirty-five base single-end reads were mapped to human over the entire genome.

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