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세포 주기 Monitoring Vector(Fucci)


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pRetroX-SG2M-Cyan Vector
관련학술 관심상품등록 구매하기 라이선스 
10 μg
1,142,000원  제조사 페이지로 바로가기 631462.pdf, 631462-1.pdf
pRetroX-G1-Red Vector
관련학술 관심상품등록 구매하기 라이선스 
10 μg
1,142,000원  제조사 페이지로 바로가기 631463.pdf, 631463-1.pdf
pRetroX-SG2Mcyto-Red Vector
관련학술 관심상품등록 구매하기 라이선스 
10 μg
1,142,000원  제조사 페이지로 바로가기 631464.pdf, 631464-1.pdf
pRetroX-SG2M-Red Vector
관련학술 관심상품등록 구매하기 라이선스 
10 μg
1,142,000원  제조사 페이지로 바로가기 631465.pdf, 631465-1.pdf
pTRE-CellCycle Vector
관련학술 관심상품등록 구매하기 라이선스 
10 μg
1,142,000원  제조사 페이지로 바로가기 631466.pdf, 631466-1.pdf, 631466-2.pdf

Cell Cycle Monitoring Vectors (Fucci)
Single cells or complex tissues-no fixation required!
  • Easily and precisely track cell-cycle progression in live cells
  • Monitor phase transitions in cultured cells or live tissue
  • Visualize cell shape during phase transitions
  • Label whole cells or just nuclei
  • Monitor stably expressed phase reporters over long time periods
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Clontech’s cell cycle reporter vectors let you monitor cell cycle progression in living cells, in real-time, without fixation.

Fucci Probes
Our cell cycle reporter vectors deliver fluorescent, ubiquitination-based, cell-cycle indicators (Fucci; 1, 2) that allow you to identify cells in various phases of the cell cycle. These Fucci probes contain Cdt1 or Geminin, proteins whose levels fluctuate differentially throughout the cell cycle: Cdt1 levels peak in G1 phase; as cells transition into S phase, Cdt1 levels fall and Geminin levels rise, remaining high until the cells are back in G1. Cells control Cdt1 and Geminin levels post-translationally, using ubiquitination to target the unwanted proteins for proteasomal degradation. To allow Geminin and Cdt1 to be easily visualized, each is expressed with a red or cyan fluorescent tag. These probes allow precise, visual evaluation of the cell cycle phase (Figure 1).
Monitor Cell Cycle and Shape in Real-Time
Our Fucci cell cycle reporters let you label just the nucleus, or both the nucleus and cytoplasm-allowing visualization of cell shape. Although most Fucci probes label only cell nuclei, we offer a truncated version of hGeminin that is able to migrate to the cytoplasm between S and M phases, enabling the morphology of the cell to be visualized (Table I; 3).
A Variety of Fucci Probes and Delivery Options
We offer retrovirus- and plasmid-based vectors for the delivery of a variety of Fucci probes (see Table I). Each probe consists of a red or cyan fluorescent tag, and a deletion mutant of either hCdt1 or hGeminin. Our retroviral vectors let you express Fucci probes in a wide variety of mammalian cells. Once integrated into the host genome, these vectors provide stable, heritable expression of the probes.

The plasmid-based vector, pTRE-CellCycle (Figure 3), allows tightly controlled, tetracycline (Tet)-inducible expression of two Fucci probes from a bidirectional promoter that can be induced using any Tet-On or Tet-Off technology. Expression of these probes causes cell nuclei to turn red during G1 phase and cyan during S, G2, and M phases, allowing complete visual tracking of the cell cycle. For more information on the latest Tet System technologies, visit the Tet-On 3G Product Page.

Use Clontech’s Fucci vectors to monitor cell cycle progression in live cells, as well as cell cycle phase distributions in a cell population. Our Fucci vectors even let you monitor cell shape as the cells transition through the cell cycle.

Figure 2. Retroviral delivery is available for a variety of Fucci probes. Fucci probes containing Geminin-fluorescent protein (fp) fusions are visible in phases S through M, whereas the probe containing Cdt1-fp (expressed by pRetroX-G1-Red) is visible during the G1 phase. pRetroX-SG2Mcyto-Red expresses a truncated version of geminin that allows the cell shape to be visualized from phases S through M.
1.Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al. (2008) Cell 132(3):487-98.
2.Newman, R.H. & Zhang, J. (2008) Chem Biol. 15(2):97-98.
3.Sakaue-Sawano, A. et al. (2008) Chem Biol. 15(12):1243-1248.

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