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Clontech PCR Enzyme 선택 가이드


Which PCR kit performs the best for your PCR amplification needs

Clontech offers a complete line of high-performance PCR Kits and Polmerase Mixes for all applications, including PCR cloning, library construction, long PCR, and high fidelity PCR. We offer thermostable Taq polymerases and non-Taq DNA polymerases to ensure the best performance for a wide range of PCR applications. Many of our PCR kits are optimized enzyme blends that combine proofreading enzymes, GC-melt reagents, and exonuclease deficient Taq for the best balance of yield, fidelity, and amplification length. In addition, all of our PCR kits are blended with hot start antibody to provide automatic hot start PCR. Whether your PCR application requires high yields, high fidelity, or amplification of GC-rich genomic targets, weve got you covered.

Which enzyme is best for you? Simply find your PCR application in the guide below the name of the recommended polymerase mix or PCR kit is listed below the application. To learn more about each product, click on the appropriate link.
PCR Kit and Polymerase Mix Selection Guide
PCR Application Area Genotyping, Colony Screening cDNA Amplification, Library Construction Cloning, Library Construction Direct PCR High Fidelity PCR GC-Rich Template PCR Long Template PCR Long, GC-Rich Template PCR Whole Genome SNP Arrays (Affymetrix)
Recommended Polymerase Mix or PCR Kit TitaniumTaq PCR Kit and Polymerase Mix Advantage 2 PCR Kit and Polymerase Mix CloneAmp HiFi PCR Premix Terra PCR Direct Polymerase Mix Advantage HF 2 PCR Kit Advantage GC 2 PCR Kit and Polymerase Mix Advantage Genomic LA Polymerase Mix Advantage GC Genomic LA Polymerase Mix Titanium DNA Amplification Kit
Recommended Amplicon Size
Human Genomic DNA 0.1 - 2.0 kb < 6.0 kb < 16 kb < 2.0 kb < 3.5 kb < 6.0 kb 8.0 - 30.0 kb 8.0 - 30.0 kb 0.1 - 2.0 kb
Plasmid or Lambda Lysate 0.1 - 2.0 kb < 18.5 kb < 10 kb < 2.0 kb < 2.0 kb < 6.0 kb < 43 kb < 20.0 kb 0.1 - 2.0 kb
cDNA < 4.0 kb 0.4 - 8.5 kb < 16 kb < 2.0 kb < 1.3 kb < 2.0 kb < 10.0 kb < 10.0 kb < 4.0 kb
PCR Kit Performance
Fidelity * *** **** * ***** *** *** *** *
Yield **** *** **** *** ** *** *** *** ****
Hot Start yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
T/A Cloning Compatible yes yes   yes yes yes yes yes yes

DNA polymerases from Clontech solve all of your difficult PCR problems 

Tired of troubleshooting PCR Look no further...

Titanium Taq is an extremely robust enzyme that requires minimal optimization. It works well in all PCR applications, and is especially effective with complex PCR templates or multiplexed primers.

For high fidelity PCR, try Advantage 2, Advantage HD, and Advantage HF 2. The enhanced fidelity of Advantage 2 results from the blending of a thermostable proofreading enzyme with our Titainium Taq DNA polymerase. Advantage HF 2 delivers even higher fidelity from the same DNA polymerase mix via an optimized buffer system specially formulated for high fidelity. Alternatively, Advantage HD gets its increased fidelity from the use of a novel thermostable DNA polymerase that has intrinsic proofreading activity.

For specific PCR amplification challenges, such as PCR of long templates or PCR of GC-rich templates, try our special DNA polymerase mixes Advantage GC 2, Advantage Genomic LA, and Advantage GC Genomic LA. Advantage GC 2 combines the Advantage 2 blend with our GC-melt reagent to amplify PCR templates with extremely high GC content. For long PCR up to 43 kb, use Advantage Genomic LA. If the problem is both high GC content and long targets, choose Advantage GC Genomic LA, which combines our polymerase for long PCR with our GC-melt reagent.

To further simplify your assays, all of our DNA polymerase products are combined with a hot start antibody for automatic hot start PCR. Rest assured that with Clontech DNA polymerases, your PCR reactions can be set-up at room temperature without risk of primer-dimer formation or mispriming.