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ICELL8® cx Single-Cell System Technical specification


ICELL8® cx Single-Cell System Technical specification
ICELL8 cx System은 high throughput single cell 분리, imaging을 통해 single cell 선별 및 reagent 분주를 위한 all-in-one automated open platform입니다. 5,184개의 nano well의 SmartChip에 cell 및 reagent를 분주하는 작업은 MSND를 통해 자동으로 진행되며, 한 번에 최대 8개의 샘플을 처리할 수 있습니다. Imaging은 SmartChip에 분주된 샘플(예 : Cell, nuclei 또는 spheroid)의 image를 스캔하고 저장할 수 있도록 설계되었습니다. 형광 dye로 염색한 cell을 형광이미징 채널을 사용하여 스캔하면 cell의 생존 능력을 평가도 가능합니다.

ICELL8 cx specifications and lab requirements



Dispense volume

50 nl or 100 nl per nanowell


ICELL8 cx Software (pre-installed)
CellSelect Software (included)

Laptop computer(included)

Windows 7, 2 GB memory, 120 GB storage, 1 GB network adapter, USB ports for memory sticks

Power requirements
(for different electrical grid types)

120 VAC/60 Hz mains: four 120 V, 15 or 20A circuits
220-240 VAC/50 Hz mains: four 10A outlets
100 VAC/50-60 Hz mains: four 15A outlets


Dispenser: 4AH, 250 V

Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature: 15-30°C
Relative humidity, non-condensing: 30-70%
Altitude: <2,000 m from sea level
Pollution degree: 2 or less


Desktop Computer Tower: 18 cm x 37 cm x 44 cm
ICELL8 cx Module: 108 cm x 58 cm x 58 cm
Chip Cycler(included) : 26cm x 34.5cm x 26cm

Bench space

Bench space including clearance for ICELL8 cx Module and Desktop Computer
: 178 cm x 97 cm x 76 cm
Note: Bench space must be capable of supporting 200 pounds (91kg)

Floor space

Waste Container: 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm


200 pounds (91kg)

Reagents(not included)

Filtered water: Milli-Q or Elga system
Reagent-grade 100% isopropyl alcohol (for priming system)
0.2% sodium hypochlorite solution

Centrifuge(not included)

Access to a centrifuge such as Eppendorf 5810, Eppendorf 5810R, or equivalent