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hanta R kit


hanta R kit

Version 1.0

The ICELL8 system allows for a high-throughput, nanowells-based method to isolate nuclei or single cells of any size-and the flexibility to analyze multiple parameters in single experiments. It also uses the power of imaging to distinguish true single cells from multiple cells and live cells from dead cells-allowing you to draw meaningful conclusions from the data.
But as automation instruments become more time and cost efficient in the research field, they produce thousands of data points to analyze per run. Software that can take that information and transform it into a format for the scientist to more readily use is vital.
The hanta™ R kit is bioinformatic software for user-friendly analysis, either via standard analysis or a tSNE application tool, of sequencing data derived from Takara Bio platforms. The mappa Analysis Pipeline can be used to prepare files ready for import into hanta software.

Example output available in the mappa HTML report.

Supported operating systems
mappa can be installed on the following versions of Linux:
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • RedHat

Hardware requirements
For analyzing Illumina NextSeq® High-Output data:
  • 24-core CPU
  • 64 GB+ RAM
  • 500 GB+ available hard drive space

Analyzing MiniSeq™ or MiSeq® data may be possible on servers with less computational power than the specifications above. Analysis of HiSeq® or NovaSeq™ data would require better hardware than is listed.

Additional third-party software dependencies*
  • Conda (or Miniconda3)

*Not included with the software; must be downloaded and installed separately.

Additional product information
For use in conjunction with workflows on the ICELL8 cx Single-Cell System or ICELL8 Single-Cell System. More information is available in the hanta R kit v1.0 User Guide.

hanta R kit 사용을 원하시면 아래의 링크를 클릭하시어, End User License Agreement를 위해 양식을 작성해 주십시요.

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