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Ecotropic and Amphotropic Receptor Boosters


제조사 제품코드 제품명 용량 가격
비고 사용자매뉴얼
Amphotropic Receptor Booster
관련학술 관심상품등록 구매하기 라이선스 
20 회
515,000원  제조사 페이지로 바로가기 Viral Receptor Booster Protocol-At-A-Glance_102813.pdf
Ecotropic Receptor Booster
관련학술 관심상품등록 구매하기 라이선스 
20 회
515,000원  제조사 페이지로 바로가기 Viral Receptor Booster Protocol-At-A-Glance_102813.pdf

  • Ecotropic/Amphotropic lentivirus나 retrovirus을 이용하여 타겟 세포(Human cell을 포함)에 transduce시킬 때 사용
  • 높은 형질도입 효율- 일시적으로 목적 cell의 viral receptor 의 농도를 증가 시켜는 원리
  • 간단한 프로토콜- virus를 intectioin시키기 2시간 이전에 타겟 세포와 receptor booster(concentrated exosome-like vesicles)를 pre-incubation

그림. Receptor Boosters are concentrated exosome-like vesicles that are applied to your target cells prior to infection with virus. Boosters result in increased transduction efficiency because treatment increases the cell surface density of the receptor recognized by the lentivirus (ecotropic) or retrovirus (ecotropic or amphotropic). Using this technology, for example, you can coat human cells with the ecotropic receptor (which is otherwise absent), enabling them to be transduced with ecotropic retrovirus or ecotropic lentivirus.

그림. Usually, it is not possible to infect Jurkat cells, human mesenchymal stem cells, or human primary neural progenitor cells with ecotropic pseudotyped lentivirus. However, pre-treatment of these cell types with Ecotropic Receptor Booster allows for very efficient transduction.

그림. Transduction of human cells with ecotropic lentivirus can result in high infection efficiency, regardless of the cell line used. Panel A. HT1080 cells were plated in 6-well plates 24 hr prior to transduction and incubated with 10 μl Ecotropic Receptor Booster for 2 hr. Cells were then transduced with Lenti-X ZsGreen1 lentivirus (MOI=~15) produced using Clontech's Lenti-X HTX Ecotropic Packaging System and assayed 48 hr later for ZsGreen1 expression. Panel B. A variety of human cell types that are normally resistant to transduction by ecotropic-pseudotyped lentiviral vectors were rendered susceptible to transduction by pre-treatment with the Ecotropic Receptor Booster
Recommended for Producing Ecotropic Pseudotyped Virus:

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