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Spin column으로 간편하게 His-tag 단백질 정제

Capturem His-Tagged Purification Miniprep Kit


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Capturem™ His-Tagged Purification Miniprep Kit
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Tip. 더욱 효율적인 단백질 추출을 위하여 xTractor Buffer 매뉴얼 (클릭)의 "Lysis protocol"을 참조하세요!
Tip. Maxi-scale (2.5mg/column)의 제품은 Capturem™ His-Tagged Purification Maxiprep Kit (Code 635713)을 참고하세요.

  • No-waiting workflow - 실온에서 5분이면 His-tag 단백질 정제 가능
  • High purity and yield - 1개의 column당 100ug, 농도 ~ 0.3 - 1 mg/ml의 정제 가능
  • Wide range of conditions - Native and denaturing conditions; with common additives (e.g., EDTA, DTT, βME, glycerol, TCEP, etc.)
  • Lysis buffer compatibility - xTractor Buffer 등 다양한 Lysis buffer 사용 가능
  • Different cell systems - Mammalian cell, bacterial cell 등 다양한 샘플 적용 가능
Next-generation membrane technology makes the His-Tagged Purification Miniprep Kit a revolutionary solution for recombinant protein purification, capable of outperforming conventional methods under a wide range of conditions. Where resin columns fall short, this new system provides high capacity and purity in just five minutes, from loading sample application through elution. Novel nylon membranes have been assembled into spin columns, creating a no-waiting, room-temperature workflow compatible with both mammalian and bacterial cells. Exceptional performance is consistent under a wide range of research settings, including denaturing conditions, in the presence of additives (e.g., βME, EDTA, DTT, glycerol, TCEP, etc.; see table below), and when performing tandem purification of his-tagged proteins.

그림 1. Protein purification miniprep workflow. Each mini spin column can be loaded with up to 800 μl of lysate (yielded from 2?5 ml of culture). His-tagged protein is first bound to the membrane, followed by washing with 300 μl wash buffer, and elution with 300 μl elution buffer. Over 90% of the bound protein can be eluted with as little as 100 μl elution buffer. Each step is followed by spinning the tube for 1 min at 11,000 x g. The working bed volume of the membrane is <2 μl. This entire purification is complete in <5 min.

그림 2. Purification of GFPuv under native and denaturing conditions. Spin columns were loaded with 800 μl of cell lysate, and all steps were performed with appropriate buffers for native and denaturing conditions. 8 M urea or 6 M guanidine were included in appropriate samples.
Reagents Compatible with His-Tagged Purification Miniprep Kits




200 mM


200 mM


200 mM


10 mM


30 mM


10 mM


5 mM


6 M


8 M

Nonionic detergent (Triton X-100)


Nonionic detergent (Tween 20)


Anionic detergent (SDS)



500 mM


100 mM


20 mM

Sodium chloride

2 M


40 mM



  • Biochemical/enzymatic assays
  • Pull-down or other protein interaction assays
  • Confirmation screening
  • Protein/ligand affinity analysis
  • Crystallography or other structural analyses
  • Antibody production
  • Toxicology studies
  • Protein transfer to live cells
구성품 (자세한 내용은 CoA를 참조하세요)
  • 20 ea Mini Spin Columns
  • 2 x 15 ml xTractor Buffer
  • 10 ml Wash Buffer
  • 10 ml Elution Buffer

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Spin column으로 간편하게 His-tag 단백질 정제
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