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PDELight HTS cAMP Phosphodiesterase Assay Kit


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PDELight HTS cAMP Phosphodiesterase Assay Kit
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The PDELight™ Assay Kit is a generic, homogeneous assay designed for use in high throughput screening of phosphodiesterase activity. It uses the power of bioluminescent detection to provide a simple alternative to existing phosphodiesterase assays with a generic endpoint determination for use with all cAMP dependant phosphodiesterases. The AMP produced from phosphodiesterase hydrolysis of cAMP is quantified using a robust and highly sensitive luciferase-based luminescent reagent. The AMP is directly converted to ATP and quantified as light. Nearly a photon of light is emitted for every molecule of ATP produced. The assay can easily be optimized for each phophodiesterase to produce rapid, quality data suitable for IC50 determinations of screen compounds. The signal is glow luminescence with a half-life of greater than two hours, which is detected using a luminometer. The assay is extremely simple to use and can be run in several protocols to suit your needs.
  • Simple, Homogeneous Assay - add reagents directly to the completed PDE reaction and read
  • Generic Platform - use the same assay for all cAMP dependent phosphodisesterases. Eliminate antibodies, radioactive beads, or modified substrates.
  • Non-radioactive - Non-hazardous reagents, no costly disposal costs
  • Rapid Assay - Complete a 384-well plate in less than 15 minutes
  • Bioluminescent Sensitivity - Use small amounts of enzyme in 96-, 384-, or 1536-well formats
  • Reproducible, Robust Assay - Low false positive rates, typical Z´values > 0.7, and few artifacts result in good clean hits

Figure 1. The emitted light is directly proportional to the level of AMP present in the reaction.

2°C - 8°C

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