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Home > 전제품보기 > Epigenetics > miRNA 발현 · 정량 > miRNA 발현 vector (형광 단백질 Reporter type)

miRNA 발현 vector (형광 단백질 Reporter type)


제조사 제품코드 제품명 용량 가격
비고 사용자매뉴얼
pmR-mCherry Vector
관련학술 구매하기 라이선스 
20 μg
1,082,000원  제조사 페이지로 바로가기 x33506, x103097
pmR-ZsGreen1 Vector
관련학술 구매하기
20 μg
1,082,000원  제조사 페이지로 바로가기 x33507

Fluorescent MicroRNA Expression Vectors
  • High-level miRNA and fluorescent protein coexpression
  • Simultaneously verify miRNA expression and transfection efficiency
  • Very bright fluorescent proteins
These vectors provide high-level miRNA expression and allow you to verify and track that expression with a fluorescent protein marker. The pmR-mCherry and pmR-ZsGreen1 Vectors couple your miRNA expression cassette to a bright red or green fluorescent reporter, for miRNA expression you can see and select.
How They Work
Clone your miRNA sequence into the vector's multiple cloning site (MCS) located in the 3' untranslated region of the fluorescent protein’s mRNA transcript (Figure 1). This enables both molecules to be expressed simultaneously from the vector's strong CMV promoter.
Vector Features
Each vector is equipped with the high-level CMV promoter, a selectable marker, and a fluorescent protein-miRNA expression cassette containing either mCherry or ZsGreen1-our two brightest Living Colors® Fluorescent Proteins (Figure 2). With these vectors, you can clone and express your favorite miRNA, and then select, sort and/or visualize the cells in which it is expressed.

Figure 1. The pmR-mCherry and pmR-ZsGreen1 vectors will coexpress a fluorescent protein and an miRNA sequence that is embedded in the 3' UTR of the vector’s mRNA transcript. miRNA expression can be selected for and/or verified in transfected cells by monitoring red or green fluorescence.

Figure 2. The pmR-mCherry and pmR-ZsGreen1 Vectors. Map of the vectors (Panel A). Cells transfected with the vectors express your miRNA and exhibit red or green fluorescence (Panel B).

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